Posted on Mar 13, 2021

Clevia Green Irrigations

To ensure that your Irrigation goals are achieved, a good and reliable irrigation system must have an irrigation maintenance plan. Planned irrigation and borehole maintenance allows you to attend to the necessary irrigation repairs in time. A well maintained sprinkler system does not waste water through leaks in the irrigation pipe and the occasionally blocked nozzles. There is damage that occurs in the irrigation system as a result of normal wear and tear during normal operation of the irrigation. If left unattended, this normal wear and tear can develop into serious irrigation system problems that may require major repairs to resolve. For example booster pump connections has to be inspected regularly to avoid leaks. Leaks in the pump connections may cause your pump automatic control switch to malfunction. When an automatic pump controller malfunctions, the pump will run continuously without switching off when water is not being used. A booster pump that is running continuously can sometimes cause solenoid valves to fail. When a solenoid valve fails it runs an irrigation zone continuously while wasting water and may potentially cause over watering of plants. It is therefore critical for the performance of your irrigation and borehole systems that a fitting maintenance schedule be adopted. Your reliable irrigation and borehole systems specialist can help you create your own irrigation maintenance plan to ensure that your sprinklers system is always performing as expected.
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